Line Array

The complete range of high quality solutions for indoor and outdoor applications, MAG Audio line arrays is modern, comprehensively designed, easy set up and transported equipment, being tested under outmost conditions by many artists and sound professionals.

Powered as well as passive line array are available, providing exact and precise control over sonic performance at any point of the event, and quick set up and dismount in even the trickiest time constraints, all available in one package.

Supplied with numerous installation accessories, as well as transportation accessories like castor wheels, bags, cases and transportation carts, MAG Audio line array systems are perfectly fit into the most demanding riders and fixed installations alike.

MAG Audio line array are represented by small, powered Fly fixed array, medium sized versatile Wave 10 line array, and extremely high performance Hornet 12 line array.

WASP-S12 (Discontinued)
In Stock
Purpose-made WASP-S12 has been designed to be a reliable low-frequency support for Wasp line array. ..
Hornet Sub 18 (Discontinued)
In Stock
Capable of delivering up to 147 dB of peak SPL, HORNET SUB 18 is perfect companion for powerful HORN..
Fly 6 (Discontinued)
In Stock
Fly 6 is a compact powered constant curvature line array, designed for use in small concert halls, t..
Fly Sub 12 (Discontinued)
In Stock
Fly Sub 12 is a convenient low-frequency supplement for Fly 6 system, based on 12’’ own-designed woo..
Wave 10 (Discontinued)
In Stock
Product description:Passive line array moduleMain features:900W nominal power2x10” woofers with..
Wave Sub 18 (Discontinued)
In Stock
Product description:Passive line array subwooferMain features:1200W nominal power18” woofer wit..
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