For small sized venue, bar, club or restaurant, portable sound system application, or just spontaneous event that requires sound reinforcement – Complete powered speaker sets are ready to do the job.

Each consisting of two small sized satellites, based on 8” or 10” speakers, and single powered subwoofer of 12” or 15” driver respectively with included satellite amplification, the Complete powered set are mean to be ready to go in no time. With all equalization, limitation, and speaker protection included right in the amplifier, the Complete set can be operated even by virtually unfamiliar personnel.

The 1400W Complete 12 with 12” subwoofer and 8”+1” satellites and the 2100W Complete 15 with 15” subwoofer and 10”+1” satellites are available.

Complete 12 (Discontinued)
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Product description:Powered speaker setMain features:1400W total power12” bandpass woofer2x 8” +1” f..
Complete 15 (Discontinued)
In Stock
Product description:Powered speaker setMain features:2100W total power15” bandpass woofer2x 10” ..
Club 210 (Discontinued)
In Stock
Convenient fixed application-specific speaker, the Club 210 is based on two 10” high-performance woo..
Sub 280 (Discontinued)
In Stock
Convenient classic design dual 18” subwoofer for rental, touring or fixed installation purposes, Sub..
Top 550 (Discontinued)
In Stock
Ultimate frontal full-range system with significant power capacity and high sensitivity. Based on tw..
Vera II (Discontinued)
In Stock
Product description:Powered speaker setMain features:2400W total powerTwo 12” vented-box subwoo..
Vera IV (Discontinued)
In Stock
Product description:Powered speaker setMain features:3000W total powerTwo 15” vented-box subwoo..
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