PLUG & PLAY series proposes compact portable solutions, which in the best way combines power and high sound quality. Totally independent powered systems consists of a small subwoofer and miniature satellites, still delivering considerable sound pressure.

The PLUG & PLAY solutions are ideal for small- and medium-sized bars, restaurants, karaoke-bars, corporate events and parties.

One of the most important features of PLUG & PLAY is the convenience and ease of use. These sets are ready-to-use “right-out-of-the box” plug and play. User just connects satellites to active subwoofer with build-in three-channel amplifier.

Additionally, extra subwoofers may be used for further expansion of the system.

The loudspeakers are made of high-quality birch plywood and covered with flow-wear textured paint. The bandpass subwoofers are optionally equipped with castor wheels. The satellites have two-angle pole mount adapters, and subwoofers have M20 sockets for distance pole-mounted satellites.

All models are available in powered versions, providing bi-amp Powersoft amplification.

Complete, ready-to-go, all powered and preset solutions, VerA speaker sets establish new level of usability, convenience, and portability.

Satellite speakers are based on own manufactured 6” cone drivers and horn mounted neodymium drivers, provide extensive sound pressure and sound coverage while keeping extremely low profile and light weight.

Subwoofer units, employing effective band-pass designs, are equipped with Powersoft amplification and sound control, providing all that is necessary for smooth and seamless operation or VerA sets.

All speakers are 100% ready to be used are portable acoustics, being fit into even the very small car.

2400 W smaller VerA II and bigger, 3000 W VerA IV powered speaker sets are available.

Vera II (Discontinued)
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Product description:Powered speaker setMain features:2400W total powerTwo 12” vented-box subwoo..
Vera IV (Discontinued)
In Stock
Product description:Powered speaker setMain features:3000W total powerTwo 15” vented-box subwoo..
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