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MAG WASP on JAZZ festival Leopolis

The one of the largest jazz festivals in Ukraine, Leopolis Jazz Fest, was held in Lviv, 26th- 30th of June.Naturally, it was .. Read more


MAG Audio in the new format of sports bar “Champion Hall”

Sports bars have their unique atmosphere: excitement, lots of emotions, experiences. It is possible due to high-quality sound.. Read more


Presentation of MAG Wasp as part of the XII All-Ukrainian Training and Practical Workshop for Sound Engineers

This event is significant for the sphere of professional sound. It will take place in Pushcha Voditsa, from 6 to 8 June. We w.. Read more


The main business event of the year LOB 2019

There is a sound solution for conferences, training, workshops, and other business events.The main task of the sound system i.. Read more


MAG Audio in the Svyatoshyn concert-hall

Svyatoshyn is a renovated concert hall of the House of Culture in the city of Kyiv (Ukraine). The concerts of classical and m.. Read more


MAG Audio systems at Koktebel Jazz Festival

February is the time to feel nostalgic for warm weather and sunny days. And we, giving in to this feeling, are reli.. Read more


MAG Audio systems provided sound reinforecement in Kyiv Palace of Sports

Kyiv Palace of Sports is a multi-functional complex for all types of events - from large sporting events to thunderous concer.. Read more


MAG Audio systems for 3 stages of Stud-X Fest

Stud-X Fest is a large-scale event held in Pochayna Event Hall - one of the biggest venues in Kyiv. There were 3 stages deplo.. Read more


MAG Fly 6 installation in youth club “Kvadrat”

A brand new youth development center opened recently in Vinnytsia, Ukraine. It’s a creative space aimed to provide all the co.. Read more


Kadebostany’s experience with MAG Hornet 12: FOH’s feedback

«Malevich» is one of the largest clubs in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. It was opened in May 2017 and became the first installa.. Read more


Renovated M17 Contemporary Art Center with MAG Audio systems

M17 is a contemporary art center in Kyiv, Ukraine, with around 200 000 people visiting it annually. The center was opened in .. Read more


MAG Hornet 12 for Glenn Hughes’ concert

A member of the legendary Deep Purple, a session musician of Black Sabbath, Phenomena, Trapeze, a performer known as Voice of.. Read more


Performance of Druga Rika with MAG Wasp: experience and feedback

MAG Wasp is still quite a newcomer in MAG Audio’s line array series. Half a year ago the system was represented at the P.. Read more


Installation in Romania: MAG Fly 6 in Kruhnen Musik Halle

Kruhnen Musik Halle is the largest venue in Brasov, Romania, which is, following the popular tendency, combines a concert hal.. Read more


MAG Audio takes part in the biggest Ukrainian pro-sound exhibition

This year, MAG Audio is again among the participants of the largest trade show of professional sound, light and music equipme.. Read more


MAG Audio systems for the “Sun Valley Serenade” premiere

Although the theatrical season has just started, the International Center of Culture and Arts (Kyiv, Ukraine) already hosted .. Read more


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