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MAG Audio for the Christian Social Center "Revival"

The Christian Social Center "Revival" in the city of Berezne, located in the Rivne region, holds an important place in the .. Read more


All new MAG Audio BEE-Series: BEE-12, BEE-12A, BEE-15, BEE-15A

MAG Audio proudly announces a new lineup of professional audio systems, perfectly tailored to meet the demands of small r.. Read more


MAG Audio conquers Formula 1 in Baku

The Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku emerged as a highlight in last year's Formula 1 calendar, captivating audiences with its ci.. Read more


MAG Audio S218 – The Flagship Next-Generation Subwoofer

MAG Audio is proud to present the S218 – a tour-grade subwoofer that marks the next generation of sound reinforcement. T.. Read more


MAG conquers the 11 sports arenas of El Salvador

The Central American and Caribbean Games, held every four years, stand as the oldest continuing regional games on the plane.. Read more


MN Mounting Solutions FS-6Q is a fixed stand for the Sting 6Q

The MAG Audio Sting 6Q coaxial "cube" is gaining popularity fast in the market. Its success owes much to its unpara.. Read more


MAG Audio AIR-S26A – powered now!

The surge in popularity of the ultra-compact, installation stealth subwoofer, MAG Audio AIR-S26, was inevitable. Embedded.. Read more


Karaoke room with MAG Audio AIR-C in the Premier Palace

The MAG Audio AIR-C series has – less than a year after its debut – become a symbol of top-tier quality in compact installa.. Read more


MAG WASP S-15 – new passive arrayable 15’’ subwoofer

This year, MAG Audio's flagship WASP series has seen a plethora of updates, and we're excited to further introduc.. Read more


MAG Audio Bump-WASP-L is a lightweight frame with a laser inclinometer

MAG Audio, a leading Ukrainian developer and manufacturer of professional acoustic systems, is excited to share the latest .. Read more


MAG Audio AIR-C – when sound helps the blind to experience the world

MAG Audio acoustic systems, renowned for its high reputation in the entertainment and leisure field, offers products of suc.. Read more


Respublika Park's Anniversary: WASP for Star-Studded Event

Respublika Park, Ukraine's largest shopping center and among the biggest malls in Europe, dazzles with its impressive scale.. Read more


Changes in Sting 6: two are better than one

MAG Audio is dedicated to the relentless pursuit of product enhancement, continuously ensuring our customers have access to.. Read more


MAG Wasp on the River Mall terrace: final chord for the 2023 season

In a world where top-notch sound quality has become an essential component of our well-being and entertainment, MAG's pursuit.. Read more


WASP conquers the terraces of Kyiv roofs

WASP series is a contemporary MAG Audio line array system that continuously evolves and improves. This summer, we unveiled .. Read more


MAG Audio AIR-C Series: install, mounting & safety solutions (VIDEO)

MAG Audio AIR-C series sets a new standard for small-format permanent installations for retail, entertainment, malls, and clu.. Read more


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