Amplification & Processing

To ensure comfortable and secure operation of MAG Audio systems, we’ve created both amplification and processing solutions. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, mobile sets and fixed installations, as well as for touring. Own-designed amplifiers and processor, as well as touring-ready rack solutions, provide a seamless integration and convenience of use of MAG Audio systems in any and all conditions.

AmpRack 1
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AmpRack1 is a 6U touring-ready solution, based on Powersoft X4 amplifier, fitted with presets for va..
AmpRack 2
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AmpRack 2 is a 8U touring-ready solution, optionally featuring Powersoft X8 or 2 x Powersoft X4 ampl..
AmpRack 3
In Stock
AmpRack3 is a 8U touring-ready solution with several amplification options available: 1 x Powersoft ..
AmpRack M
In Stock
AmpRack M is a 8U touring-ready solution, based on 2 x Powersoft Quattocanali 4804 amplifiers. Fitte..
MA 36
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MA 36 is a 1U height 3 input / 6 output speaker processor for speaker management, protection and mon..
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DP 600 is a 2-channel amplifier with D-class architecture. Occupying 2U space, it has acquired opera..
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DP 1200 is a 2-channel amplifier with D-class architecture. The built-in database of MAG Audio speak..
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DP 2400 is reliable a 2-channel amplification solution with class D architecture. It has the operati..
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DP 3000 is a 2-channel amplifier based on class D architecture. Featuring built-in presets for MAG A..
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