Focus Stage

Coaxial line of low-profile stage monitors with no casual name – coaxial design of drivers provides perfect phase coherence and clear focused sound picture in front of performer. Vocal has never sounded so clearly and thoroughly before.

Special 15” subwoofer Focus Sub boosts versality of Focuses even more: it creates powerful monitor set for a drummer together with Focus 5; or can be used for DJ monitoring and even FOH purposes due to distance pole adapters. Besides ideal sound quality and reproduction purity, we have paid much attention to appearance and ease of use. Modern look, rigid grill backed with acoustic foam, light weight and stable design make Focus monitors comfortable and practical in small installations as well as in big concert tours.

Focus 5
In Stock
Focus 5 - passive stage monitor based on 15’’ LF coaxial driver. The system is a must-have for every..
Focus Sub
In Stock
Focus Sub – passive monitor subwoofer with 15’’ LF driver, created to boost versatility of Focus ser..
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