Subwoofer series serves as an ultimate low frequency reinforcement range that represents all-purpose solutions, capable to fit into the specific demands of any and all innovative projects.

Series includes conventional passive and powered boxes for mobile and stationary use, installation-ready cabinets with several mounting possibilities and weatherproof option, and special-purpose subwoofers for low-frequency clusters in touring and concert applications.

Sub 12i
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Sub 12i is a passive subwofer with 12'' LF driver in its heart, created especially for fixed install..
Sub 15i
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Sub 15i is a low-frequency extension loudspeaker, based on own-produced reliable 15” woofer. Reliabl..
Sub 18i
In Stock
Sub 18i has been created to match the most demanding fixed installation projects. The system is base..
Sub C15
In Stock
Sub C15 is an arrayable passive subwoofer, created to provide low-frequency support to Cluster serie..
Sub 12
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With significant sound pressure output and compact enclosure, Sub 12 is a versatile low-frequency ex..
Sub 12A
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Compact, but yet powerful, Sub 12A is a low-frequency extension powered loudspeaker. With own-produc..
Sub 15
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Low-frequency passive loudspeaker, based on own-produced reliable long-excursion 15” woofer, capable..
Sub 15A
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Sub 15A is a low profile 15” powered subwoofer specifically designed to reinforce full-range speaker..
Sub 18
In Stock
High-output passive subwoofer, Sub 18 is advised for mobile speaker sets and fixed installations ali..
Sub 18A
In Stock
Powered with class D amplifier by Powersoft, Sub 18A is a choice for mobile speaker sets, as well as..
Sub 28
In Stock
Sub 28 is a passive subwoofer based on highly effective 2 x 18'' drivers. The system serves as a gre..
Sub 28A
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High-power and light-weight solution, Sub 28A is a powered subwoofer equipped with two 18” neodymium..
Sub H12
In Stock
Purpose-made Sub H12 has been designed to be a reliable low-frequency support for Wasp line array. B..
Sub H25
In Stock
Designed to be a low-frequency support during large-format concerts, Sub H25 is a perfect brother-in..
Sub H28
In Stock
Capable of delivering up to 149,5 dB of peak SPL, extremely efficient Sub H28  is a perfect com..
Wave Sub 18
In Stock
Product description:Passive line array subwooferMain features:1200W nominal power18” woofer wit..
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