WASP Line Array

WASP line array is the pinnacle of MAG Audio technology ready for next-generation precisely controlled sound spaces. Scalable philosophy behind WASP allows using it in small installations as well as in large-scale touring and concerts.

Incorporating tailor-designed neodymium components, WASP is built with extra headroom for pristine clarity and powerful impact. Two 8-inch woofers and precision 1,4-inch driver feature improved voice coil cooling for prolonged operation at immense sound levels. Blending them with proprietary JD-lens coupling allows for precise aiming and beam compression control.

Available in both wide coverage and far throw configurations (easily convertible with interchangeable couplings), WASP line array covers distances up to 100m, previously possible only to much larger systems. Such versatility enables the WASP system to scale everywhere from small events, bars and restaurants up to touring, arenas, and open-air concerts.

Aiding WASP's operation scope are compact WASP-S15 and WASP-S18 subwoofers with ground stacked or flown installation, enormously optimizing rental stock and shipping process.

With complete AMPRACK amplification solution and GLL's for EASE Focus 3 calculation software, WASP line array is a must for touring and rental providers, offering well-designed services for modern diverse and demanding applications.

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