Speaker Systems

Lightweight speakers in compact enclosures have been thoroughly designed to form user-friendly mobile sets and provide complete convenience of operation, monitoring and control. Offering various solutions in terms of sound pressure and power and unparalleled sound, portable MAG Audio speakers have proved to be the choice of many mobile professionals, rental companies and touring teams.

Acoustic systems for various types of fixed installations – bars, restaurants, concert halls, as well as entertainment centers – in a word, for any kind of venue where music & high-grade sound is an essential part of the place. With carefully work-out mounting hardware and enclosure design, as well as special waterproof option available, MAG Audio installation speakers perfectly suitable for any outdoor and indoor application.

Various solutions for touring applications of all kinds – gigs, music festivals, jam sessions and big shows, where the high quality of sound is a must-have. Benefiting from wide experience in touring market, MAG Audio systems have been designed to meet all the modern standards in terms of power, output pressure, control and operation. With own-designed hardware, touring systems can be easily assembled depending on the configuration needed.

Stage monitors, based on elaborated transducers of own production, are aimed to provide full comfort to performers at the stage. With both powered and passive versions available, MAG Audio monitoring systems will be of service in a wide range of applications – from small concert to big music tours, providing perfect sound picture. Well-crafted design and ease of use make our stage monitors perfect companions of all the musicians that appreciate quality and reliability.