Whenever you think of the modern club, restaurant, bowling, entertainment center or shopping mall, the superior quality sound reinforcement is of the essence. Overall aura, feel, and character of the place are determined by the sounds it houses.

The comprehensive range of MAG Audio installation ready speaker systems covers every possible application and usage conditions: from tiny easily concealed wall or ceiling attached speakers with numerous mounting options to large scale high-power flown system for long throw, back lining, or night club sound systems.

With wide range of mounting accessories, designed to keep installing speakers simple and easy to maintain, MAG Audio installation speakers has already been chosen by numerous venues, clubs and malls in Ukraine and worldwide.

AIR series is a comprehensive range of installation-dedicated speakers, backed-up with various mounting hardware options, including weather-proofing capability. AIR series benefits from truly point-source design based on coaxial and full-range speakers, which opens a new dimension for speaker placement to achieve best possible coverage while keeping sound system visual imprint to the lowest possible minimum.

NX series is the range of compact yet potent speakers designed for use in demanding installed sound projects. With high-class cone transducers and high-frequency drivers featuring distortion reducing technologies and improved cooling, NX series is set for years of trouble free operation. Complete with numerous mounting options and hardware accessories, it fit easily into the wide variety of architectural designs.

Cluster series introduces the power of arrayable speakers into the realm of installation. Inheriting the best features of reliability, sound performance, and ease of control from touring and mobile sound, Cluster series is augmented with convenient mounting hardware for quick setups and perfect fit into the architectural designs.


Subwoofer series takes advantage of tremendous experience in touring, installation and mobile markets. Equipped with next-generation transducers with reinforced moving system capable of withstanding tremendous pressure and excursion while keeping distortion in check. Providing different sizes and configurations, Subwoofer series offers great choice of cabinets with vast mounting capabilities.