MAG Audio large-format systems have been created as a professional tool for concert and touring applications, as well as for mid-sized indoor and outdoor fixed installations of medium and big scale. Combining power with compact and well-though-out design, systems provide clear sound and great pressure, ensured by world-class reliable components. With mounting hardware available, MAG Audio large format systems are easy to install and operate in both outdoor and indoor conditions.

Passive line array module, based on dual 8’’ system with 1,5’’ throat HF driver. Completed with the most advanced components, Wasp is an ultimate compact line-array solution with numerous installation options.

The ultimate mid-sized array line array module, HORNET 12 is dual 12”, quad 6”, dual 1,4” HF all-neodymium speaker with immense power handling capacity and maximum SPL output. Incorporating advanced flying hardware concept, HORNET 12 is rapidly mounted from ground carts, and is easily set and tuned-up due to natural, balanced sound and high quality, low distortion components.

Subwoofer series serves as an ultimate low frequency reinforcement range that represents all-purpose solutions, capable to fit into the specific demands of any and all innovative projects.