About Us

MAG AUDIO is a Ukrainian manufacturer of professional audio equipment. The company’s history stretches back to 1991, when Boris Khasin established a full-service magnet factory in the small city of Bila Tserkva, about 100 kilometers south of Kyiv. Today, MAG remains a family business, run by Boris’ two sons, Leonid and Alexander Khasin.

MAG is short for "Magnet", as the company's first foray into the world of sound was through magnets and components for audio systems. However, since 2008 has shifted its focus to professional-grade speakers, with a speciality in tour and cinema sounds.

Over the past 30 years, MAG has transformed from the top European manufacturer of magnets to a world-renowned audio specialist, with two separate divisions: MAG Audio, which produces speaker equipment for professional grade venues and tours, and MAG Cinema, which is focused on providing speaker systems to cinemas across the world. In 2020, the MAG Theatron brand was added to the portfolio with the aim of meeting the needs of home theater enthusiasts. Today, MAG equipment is installed in more than 120 countries.

The company's slogan: "sounds as designed" explains its distinctive feature: MAG is more about creating, not just producing. Every product is a result of a cooperative brainstorming of clients and engineers, experts from across both Ukraine and Europe. This collaboration is our secret tool to bring innovative sound from conception to reality. To this end, MAG Audio produces its own high and low-frequency drivers based on the company's proprietary technology.

According to the latest updates of the MAG's policies, every client who purchases a large-scale audio system also receives full training in our equipment and components, ending with an exam. Our confidence in our product also frees us to offer an up to 10-year warranty on our equipment.

MAG Audio prides itself on its innovation and versatility. Our openness is our key to success - our willingness to listen to creators, hear their ideas, and reverberate that sound to the rest of the world.