About Us

MAG Audio has existed for more than 20 years. During this time, we have created our own unique approach to the development of our products, assembled a professional staff of experts, and garnered a considerable experience in the fields of speaker engineering, design and sound system installation. Each of our products is tested by professional focus-groups before its mass production, as we invite sound engineers, distributors, and musicians to help hone each model to perfection. Then we run live testing of our new products in collaboration with the best distribution companies to ensure its faculty in a real-world environment. MAG loudspeaker systems are preferred by many clubs, discos, entertainment complexes, concert halls and sound distribution companies of Ukraine and foreign countries.

MAG currently presents a large variety of product series, suitable for a wide spectrum of applications and budget constraints:

Z series provides professional sound quality and pleasing look for budget projects, while N series offer range of lightweight, high performance versatile solutions. High power MD series has developed a reputation throughout the years for its reliability and high sonic performance.

A top-class K -line of exclusively powered loudspeakers, based on amplifying modules made by PowerSoft (Italy), enables extreme sound pressure levels within very compact enclosures.

A new series of low-profile Focus stage monitors systems, based on coaxial driver units, were found to match the sound quality of some of world’s best performers. Furthermore, the monitor subwoofers with its compatible design and sound performance allows easy compatibility with Drum Fill or FOH systems, giving the Focus monitors even more versatility.

The newest addition, the Hornet line array, is extremely powerful large scale indoor and outdoor solution, available with convenient setup hardware and transportation accessories, as well as complete “plug-and-play” type solutions, which include sound processing and amplification.

Our combination of technological know-how, skill, and creativity allow us to deliver only the highest grade product. MAG invites you to peruse our catalog, a testament to the strength of our brand.

There no secret that we are producing our sound systems totally in our factory in Bila Tserkva. MAG Audio Company — it is a big team of professionals that creates, engineers and explores more and more of new products every day.