MAG Audio has presented the MAG MUST technology, the state-of-the-art solution that ruins stereotypes of providing sound at venues of various sizes and formats. 

The technology is based on the scalable line array MAG WASP, which has already proved itself in both small venues, such as bars and restaurants, and large events as well. The MAG MUST technology (short for "Multiple Uniform Sound Technology") allows creating most uniform sound coverage everywhere, even including stadiums. 

The MAG MUST presentation took place at the biggest arena of Ukraine NSC Olimpiyskiy as part of the preparation for the next day’s grand stadium festival. 

The system at the event consisted of almost 200 tops, which were placed at the venue according to the design and solution concept. This allowed us to break the record for the minimal SPL variation at the location of this size.

MUST is an innovative solution not only in the context of technology, but also its -effectiveness. Today, rental companies have to adapt to the requirements of each specific venue with the help of audio equipment of proper format. With scalable MAG MUST technology, this problem is solved, as you can provide sound at any event just by changing the layout and the number of speakers. It is also a big plus for logistics and equipment storage.

Thus, the same speaker set as was applied at the stadium could also provide sound at 5 rock concerts, 15 concerts in the community center or 25 corporate parties.

The idea of ​​MAG MUST is also unique in terms of sound coverage uniformity. Large numbers of identical sound sources over a large area reduce the unevenness of the sound pressure at the venue. Moreover, it also reduces the amount of reflected sound from surfaces, which is the biggest challenge in terms of achieving high quality sound. 

This way, the MAG MUST technology allows to eliminate too loud or too quiet sound in different areas of the large venue, and also allows listeners and guests to feel the sound like never before. To hear it the way it was designed, which is MAG Audio’s top goal.

MAG MUST technology cases in Ukraine:

MAG MUST at Ready.Steady.Favorit 2019

MAG MUST at the triumphal soccer match “Ukraine - Portugal”

MAG MUST at the concert of the "VremyaiSteklo" band 2019

MAG MUST at M1 Music Awards 2019