MAG Audio at M1 Music Awards.V - Ukraine’s Main Music Event of the Year

MAG Audio at M1 Music Awards.V - Ukraine’s Main Music Event of the Year

On November 30, in the Palace of Sports in Kyiv (Ukraine), the main music event in the country - M1 Music Awards.V - was held. The show has become a real quintessence of achievements in the music industry, where each element was well thought out: lighting, decorations, costumes, choreography… and, of course, the sound, delivered by the MAG Audio systems. 

This year the awards ceremony celebrated its fifth anniversary and gathered under one roof almost all Ukrainian celebrities. The gala concert featured popular in Latin America star NK, the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 participant Tina Karol (who also became the music producer of the Awards this year), the Berlin Music Video Awards 2019 nominees MOZGI band, and many other super popular artists, such as MONATIK, NIKITA LOMAKIN, ALYONA ALYONA, Vremya i Steklo, Serhii Babkin, Michelle Andrade, Olegg Vynnyk, Antytila, MELOVIN, Artem Pivovarov. 

Every artist surprised the audience in their own way: some say that they started gearing up to the show a few months in advance. And that’s no surprise, as the show program was rich for technologies and unique effects. 

Another special aspect of the Awards was a two-level giant stage, which was located in the middle of the venue. 

The Palace of Sports is an acoustically difficult venue, as it doesn't have any special acoustic treatment. Moreover, with the non-standard 360-degree stage, the project has become far more complex! To meet these challenges, the innovative solution MAG MUST was chosen by the organizers. It’s a unique solution that allows to achieve most uniform sound coverage at the events of any size and level of difficulty, and this time it featured in the world-class show! 

The calculation of SPL in EASE Focus

The stage had a form of a pentagon and it was located in the middle of the venue. That’s why the acoustic systems were placed circle-wise above the stage in order to create the uniform sound pressure level throughout the venue. The main PA system consisted of: 8 line arrays per 20 x MAG Wasp each; suspended subs - 9 x MAG Wasp-S12 between each pair of portals; ground-stacked subs - on each side of the pentagon 8 х MAG Sub H28 and 1 x MAG THOR - the unique subwoofer capable of reproducing frequency range from 18 to 120Hz, which by far surpasses traditional subwoofers. 

3 x MAG Wasp tops were placed on each side of the pentagon as front-fills. For the purposes of monitoring, 2 line arrays per 8 х MAG Wasp each and 15 new monitors MAG Focus V.  

Also, 7 additional delay lines 8 tops MAG Wasp per each were placed around the venue: 5 of them were addressing the spectators at the grandstand and 2 others were addressing the celeb’s zone.

Stage installation in the Palace of Sports

Igor Sydorenko, systems engineer:

Since the stage was located in the middle of the venue, the system had to work 350-degress - in all directions. Moreover, it was of high importance for us to plan the positioning of the systems in the way, so that every spectator could enjoy the same quality of sound regardless of the seat. The MAG MUST system allowed to achieve the uniform sound throughout the venue due to the multiple, relatively small sound sources. As a result, it helped to reduce the reverberation time. In general, it’s the biggest amount of the sound systems ever installed in the Palace of Sports.

Stage and equipment installation began a week before the show

Thanks to the MAG Audio acoustic systems, the occupied venue at M1 Music Award.V was covered with the uniform sound. Thus, every spectator in the Palace of Sports - whether he was in the fan zone, grandstand or the celebrities zone - could in equal measure enjoy the high-quality sound of this grand innovative show.


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