MAG MUST at the VISLOVO show in the Palace of Sports in Kyiv

MAG MUST at the VISLOVO show in the Palace of Sports in Kyiv

MAG Audio has provided sound at the big show of the Ukrainian pop-band Vremya i Steklo. The event took place at the Palace of Sports in Kyiv (Ukraine) on October 5. The tickets were sold out one month before the concert, which ensured a full house of 10 000 attendees. 

The show became one of the most significant music events in Ukraine in 2019, for which the band’s team had been gearing up for about a year. In addition to performing a very impressive array of material from the old hits to the most recent songs, the band was surprising the audience with powerful dance performances and impressive special effects such as fireworks, flashes and flames.

Handling such a sizable venue required a groundbreaking solution that allows to create the desired uniform sound coverage across the whole listening area. The MAG Audio ́s latest development —- MAG MUST technology —- was designed to serve the purpose of providing sound at most challenging venues, which made it highly preferred among the sound engineering specialists. Thanks to MAG MUST, the Palace of Sports sounded as designed. 

“We welcomed the opportunity to test our new technology MAG MUST at the biggest covered arena of Ukraine,” comments Igor Sydorenko, systems engineer at MAG Audio. “The Palace of Sports has a poor acoustic environment. The venue is poorly suited to musical performance as it doesn ́t have special acoustic treatment. Thus, there ́s too much sound reflection and reverberation time is too long. We knew it was a complex project, and we didn't have much time for preparations and tests, though we decided to accept the challenge. We performed acoustic calculations that helped us to achieve impressive sound clarity and uniform sound coverage across the whole venue. As a result, the technology has proven itself once again as exceptionally effective under any conditions.”

Vladimir Lubimov, sound engineer of Vremya i Steklo: “It was the first time I ever worked with MAG MUST. The sound pressure level was good. Considering the complexity of the venue, it seems fair to say that the sound coverage was uniform as well. I’d like to try this technology at more simple venues. I am proud of the Ukrainain manufacturer. I am very glad that there are people in our country, who proceeds to develop and make progress. People, who don’t stop, but keep designing and developing new products.”

The MAG MUST configuration may vary depending on the size of the venue. For the show in Palace of Sports, the configuration consisted of:

  • 22 tops MAG Wasp and 9 x MAG Wasp-S12 were mounted on each side of the stage as main PA. 28 subwoofers MAG Sub H28 were installed in front of the stage, on which 8 tops Wasp were set up as front-fills. 
  • 8 x MAG Wasp on each side of the stage served as side-fills, ensuring maximum comfort for the artists while performing. 
  • Three delay lines were deployed to provide sound to people seated further away from the main stage, each of them consisted of 12 x MAG Wasp. Two line arrays were complemented by 6 x Sub S12 each. 


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