MAG Audio Has Presented a Revolutionary Solution For Providing Sound at Events of all Sizes – MAG MUST

MAG Audio Has Presented a Revolutionary Solution For Providing Sound at Events of all Sizes – MAG MUST

MAG Audio, the largest speaker manufacturer in Eastern Europe, has presented the MAG MUST – an innovative solution for providing sound at venues of all sizes. The presentation took place at the NSC Olimpiyskiy Stadium, Kyiv (Ukraine).

The idea of MAG MUST has arisen in search of a flexible and universal solution for providing sound. Today, rental companies choose acoustic systems according to the size of the venue: small array for a small venue, medium – for a medium one, and big line-array for a big festival or stadium. The MAG Audio engineers have conducted extensive researches, studies, and tests in order to create the technology that helps to obviate the need for diverse line arrays.

“The MAG MUST technology allows to change the approach to providing sound at venues of various sizes completely,'' explains Igor Sydorenko, systems engineer at MAG Audio. “What we now have is choosing speaker systems depending on the size of the venue, and we consider this approach out of date. That’s why we wanted to create a universal technology allowing rental companies to provide sound at small corporate parties, concerts, and big music festivals with solely one format line-array. This is how the idea of MAG MUST emerged. And the end result has surpassed all our expectations.”

The essence of the MAG MUST (Multiple Uniform Sound Technology) lies in the fact that with the help of scalable equipment – compact line array MAG WASP – you can achieve uniform sound pressure level while providing the same frequency response throughout the venue.

The official part of the presentation took place on September 6, in the Champions Hall, wherein the speeches were given by the MAG Audio CEO Alexander Khasin and Leonid Khasin, MAG Audio systems engineer Alexey Khodchenko, co-producer of MOZGI Entertainment Irina Gorovaya, director of communications at Favorit Sport Katerina Mashevska, sound engineer of VERKA SERDUCHKA & BAND Andrii Tsistanov, account-manager at Powersoft Stefano Previtali. After the official part at the conference hall, guests got to evaluate the performance of MAG MUST during the sound show at the stadium.

The presentation was attended by the executives of the Ukrainian and foreign event and concert agencies, distributors, integrators, media, and authorities representatives. Among the participants of the presentation were Anton Taranenko, Maxim Radutsky, Artyom Gagarin, Sergey Pertsev, Vitaliy Pisarenko, Fabrizio Bolzoni and many others.

A really remarkable moment at the presentation was when the expert of the National Register of Records of Ukraine had registered a record for “minimal variation of SPL at one location” and granted Alexander Khasin the diploma.

Andrii Tsistanov, sound engineer of Verka Serduchka comments, “A really interesting solution. It is definitely more effective than big format speaker systems. It was loud enough, and the coverage was uniform. I can see big potential in this idea, as the MAG MUST technology can be applied for both small and big venues.”

Serhii Holovin, sound engineer of Olegg Vynnyk: “It’s an unusual solution, and everything has worked out well. I liked it a lot. It was the first time when such a large-scale project was provided with the sound equipment of the Ukrainian manufacturer, and I can say – things have worked out really well.”

“The idea is super, scalability works in any situation” concludes Nikita Shkuropat, sound engineer of Max Barskih and MARUV. “In short, MAG MUST helps to achieve refined sound, improves sound clarity. The coverage was uniform in all areas. All occupied sectors at the stadium were uniformly covered, and the sound was clear.”

Oleg Shevchenko, sound engineer of MOZGI: “Great idea and its implementation was a success! I liked the coverage and great sound clarity. Сonsidering that stadium is a very difficult type of venue, the sound was particularly great. Positioning of the systems, the delay lines – everything was perfectly thought out. Altogether, it ensured great uniform sound. Very proud of MAG Audio.”

A true turnkey solution for the clients, MAG MUST is the total package, complete with every piece of equipment necessary for the customers’ audio needs – starting from speakers and amplifiers to cases and cables, not to mention free training and technical support. And there is so much more to it than that. Here are some of the highlighted advantages of MAG MUST:

  • A one system format fits all sizes of the venues, removing the need for a diverse stock or complex logistics.
  • Owing to the sound systems scalability, the amount of reflected sound and reverberation time will dramatically reduce, which is great for large venues like stadiums or city squares.
  • A more gradual business growth, allowing companies to purchase additional equipment which will be 100% compatible with their current products.

MAG MUST – is more than just a new technology in the sound industry. MAG MUST will change the way you’re used to perceive line arrays. By managing the combination of the tops, subwoofers and amplifier presets, you can reach the results initially envisaged. And that was our primary goal – to give the world an audio solution, with the help of which your concert venue Sounds As Designed.


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