MAG Installation in "Gulliver mall" (Kyiv, Ukraine)

MAG Installation in "Gulliver mall" (Kyiv, Ukraine)

The Gulliver multifunctional complex is a “business-class” building in the heart of Kyiv. With a height of 141.8m, it ranks second among the tallest buildings in Ukraine. It includes two blocks: a 35-story business center and a 16-story shopping and entertainment complex which includes over 250 shops, over 10 restaurants, a state of the art cinema and a bowling alley.

In March 2021, Europe's largest LED Screen application (total area of about 4 thousand square meters) was installed on the facade of the Gulliver shopping center. The entire LED configuration is designed to broadcast advertising and entertainment content, all in a high-resolution video quality. 

Considering the shopping center is located at 'Sports Square' right next to the Palace of Sports and the Olimpiyskiy stadium, the LED wall is also the perfect way to broadcast live concerts, soccer matches and other events. This was especially relevant during the Covid restrictions, when no, or a very small number of spectators were allowed at matches and concerts. During those times the Sports Square in front of "Gulliver" turned into a giant improvised fan zone.

Needless to say is that such a monstrous giant LED screen definitely needs an appropriate sound system to match. After performing the required acoustic calculations, it became very clear that the most suitable would be the use a line array audio system. Such a system thoroughly covers the entire square including the space around the fountain in the center of the square and delivers a high-quality, intelligible and crisp sound. Additionally, point source speaker systems were spec'd to be used for the near zone.

The Ukrainian manufacturer MAG Audio turned out to provide the best solution including the all-weather installation models that were provided  in a custom color:

The entire project was completed at the beginning of fall 2021 and has already withstood the test of time and weather conditions of all seasons in the city of Kyiv. The sound quality and appearance remain excellent, despite a wide range of temperatures, humidity and periodic exposure to wind, rain and snow.

It's obvious that safety is always an important factor, especially here where a large number of people pass under the speaker systems every day. MN Mounting Solutions offers such extremely reliable, safe and well engineered devices. 

The entire installation – involving professional industrial climbers to perform the rigging of all the sound equipment - was successfully carried out according all the safety regulations.


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