MAG Audio Systems at the Blackfest Ukrainian Coffee 2019

MAG Audio Systems at the Blackfest Ukrainian Coffee 2019

November 28-29, Kyiv International Convention Center Parkovy, the Blackfest Ukrainian Coffee Show was held for the second time. It is an annual event that brings together professionals involved in the coffee industry: owners of coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, vendors, baristas and all those for whom coffee is a business. 

The duration of the educational program this time was over 50 hours, during which 35 experts from different countries were sharing their knowledge on the recent tendencies in the industry. Some of them had also opened the veil of their personal path in building the coffee business. 

The topic of the festival was “Coffee as business”. Guests got to attend the lectures of the speakers from Columbia, South Africa, Switzerland, Sweden, Ukraine and many other countries. Among the topics covered in the educational program were business, carrier, marketing, product, service, inspiration. 

The festival occupied several different zones, in one of which during the two days, guests got to degustate over 200 sorts of coffee! The sound at the festival was provided by the MAG Audio systems. 

The main room was equipped with 6 x MAG Fly 6 tops and 2 subwoofers MAG Fly Sub 15. Also, 2 х MAG Focus 15А were used for monitoring. 

The two lecture rooms were equipped with 2 x MAG Fly 6 tops and 2 x MAG Fly Sub 15 each.

In addition, the festival had a venue for tea ceremonies, where one MAG Vera IV set was installed. 


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