Two stages at Charity Weekend equipped with MAG Audio systems

Two stages at Charity Weekend equipped with MAG Audio systems

On the last weekend of summer another Charity weekend took place in Kyiv, Ukraine. It’s one of the biggest charity initiatives, founded 3 years ago by Maria Efrosinina, a Ukrainian media and cultural activist.

Two stages at Charity Weekend, where all the performances and trainings were run, were equipped with MAG Audio acoustic systems. 

The PA system at the main stage comprised 2 clusters of 8 x MAG Wave 10. The low-frequency support at the location was provided by 16 x MAG Wave Sub 18. All the system was powered by Powersoft.

2 x MAG Fly 6 powered modules along with 2 MAG Fly Sub 15 subwoofers were deployed as side-fill systems at the main stage, while 2 x MAG Fly 6 modules served as front-fills.

Being a powered module with constant curvature, MAG Fly 6 is based on 4 x 6’’ LF woofers and with 1050W of power, which makes it the independent solution for many applications.

The main sound system at the small stage was represented by pole mounted 2 x MAG Fly 6 modules and 2 x MAG Fly Sub 15 each side. 

For two days Charity weekend welcomed more than 10 thousand people, which make it possible to gather more than a half of the required amount.


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