MAG Audio at the main stage of Kurazh Bazar

MAG Audio at the main stage of Kurazh Bazar

Recent Kurazh Bazar — the biggest and most entertaining flea market in Kyiv — took place in Kyiv on July 15-16th, Kyiv. And this time it was dedicated to very summer-like topic — pastime at a country house. Every Kurazh Bazar has a lot of activities for everyone — no matter child or adult — and each time it offers its visitors great concert program featuring various performers and Djs. Green stage, the main stage of Kurazh Bazar, this time was fully equipped with MAG Audio systems.

The main sound systems consisted of 6 modules of MAG Wave 10 line array and 6 MAG Wave Sub 18 subwoofers. The stage itself was equipped with 4 x Focus 12 monitors and 4 x MAG Focus 15 monitors, as the top-class monitoring system is always of essence. Thus, at Green stage during 2 days there were performances of Ukrainian legendary reggae-band The Вйо, Natasha Yoshimoto, Devons Formation, Anita Avakian, Dislocados, Imaginarium, reFUNKtion, Dmytro Poberezhnyi, Dj sets from Dj Timo and Ансамбль имени Злобиной

MAG Wave 10 line array, as well as subwoofers and stage monitors, were powered by 2 x Powersoft X4 и 2 x Powersoft M50Q. 

Actually, Kurazh Bazar includes not only the flea market, but also has much to offer to people of all ages: there are sporting activities, children’s area, food court with a lot of things to pamper yourself with, areas for exhibitions and workshops and just a lot of space to walk by, to gather at with friends and to relax.  

To ensure that all the visitors get their portion of music, the sound supply throughout the venue was provided by 1 x MAG Vera IV plug'n'play set, 2 x MAG Z 150A, 6 x MAG Z 100A, 2 x MAG K 32A acoustic systems, 4 x MAG Focus 15A stage monitors.


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