New season in Dali Park with MAG Audio sound

New season in Dali Park with MAG Audio sound

One more season in Dali Park club is open! 

Dali Park is a nightclub in Kyiv (Ukraine), well-known by local clubgoers from 2013. Recently a new season has been opened — together with MAG Audio sound. 

Main sound system

The main room of the club — a dance floor and a stage — is equipped with 8 modules of passive line array MAG Wave 10, 4 modules per side. As deep bass is one of the principal requirements for a nightclub, the main sound system also includes 12 passive subwoofers MAG Wave Sub 18. It’s a powerful low-frequency acoustic system, which can reach a maximum sound pressure of 134dB. Such configuration allows achieving necessary depth and power of sound. 

Delay systems and stage monitoring 

Dali Park often welcomes famous Djs and performers. Thus, the Grand Opening party in Dali Park was featuring a performance of Ukrainian band NeAngely, later a concert of a singer GADAR also took place there. That is why it was highly important to ensure a high-quality stage monitoring for this installation. 

Monitoring is being provided by 2x MAG MD 405 acoustic systems. It’s a full-range system, easy in set-up and tuning, which includes bi-amp/passive crossover mode switch.

To provide a balanced sound, delay systems are being used: 8 passive installation systems MAG Air-61 and some of MD series — 2 full-range systems MAG MD 405 and 2 subwoofers MAG MD 802.  

Theme parties, concerts and Dj-sets — a new season in Dali Park has already begun, so it’s high time to enjoy good music and top-class sound. 


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