Legendary Pop Stars of the 80s Performed Using MAG Audio Speakers at Ukraine's Biggest Indoor Arena

Legendary Pop Stars of the 80s Performed Using MAG Audio Speakers at Ukraine's Biggest Indoor Arena

On March 7th, one of the most anticipated concerts was held at the Palace of Sports - “Disco 80s”. Popular disco hits were performed by the top pop-stars of the 80s such as Afric Simone, Didier Marouani, Boney M. (Liz Mitchell), C.C. Catch. Sound at the concert was delivered by MAG Audio loudspeakers. 

Aqua Vita and Van Gog bands were the opening performers at the concert, as well as the flamboyant pop singer Big Boss, who was also a presenter at the event. 

Afric Simone, who sang “Hafanana”, was the first announced artist to perform on stage. The second one was Didier Marouani and not only did he astonish the public with his performance, but he also walked into the audience at fan zone 1.

Liz Mitchell from Boney M. performed the evergreen songs of the band such as “Sunny”, “Rasputin”, “Rivers of the Babilon”, “Daddy Cool”, “Ma Baker”, “Hooray! Hooray! It's a Holi-Holiday”. C.C.Catch was the last performer for the evening, who performed her greatest hits “Heaven & Hell”, “Cause You Are Young”, “I Can Lose My Heart Tonight” и др. 

For providing sound at the concert, the organizers opted for the MAG MUST technology, based on the compact line array MAG WASP-8. The unique solution allows creating exceptionally uniform coverage at the venue of any size, as evidenced by the national record for “minimal variation of SPL at one location”. Thus, it was one of the main reasons why the MAG MUST solution was chosen for delivering sound at “Disco 80s” at the Palace of Sports in Kyiv. 

“The MAG MUST technology was developed specifically for providing sound at large and complex venues”, comments Igor Sydorenko, systems engineer at MAG Audio. “With the help of the compact line array MAG WASP, we positioned sound sources around the venue in such a way as to ensure great uniformity, and clear, detailed sound. All this was done so that all the attendees of the concert could enjoy the high-quality sound of the show regardless of their seats.“ 

Nikita Duvakin, systems engineer at “Feyeria” rental company, that provided technical support for the concert, comments: 

“We have already worked with MAG Audio loudspeakers, it was the Odessa International Film Festival. But it was the first time that we worked with MAG MUST technology, and it was at the “Disco 80 ". I have to say that the result was satisfying -  SPL was loud enough, and the coverage was also uniform. All this despite the fact that it is very difficult to achieve good sound at the Sports Palace due to the poor acoustical environment. In general, I was satisfied with the sound and would like to use this technology again.“

For the main PA, 24 x MAG WASP were mounted, as well as 12 x MAG WASP-S12 on each side of the stage. For the out-fills, 8 x MAG WASP-8 were deployed providing sound to the grandstand.

As sidefills, 6 x WASP-8 and 6 x WASP-S12 were deployed. In addition, 10 x MAG Focus 5 were used for monitoring on stage.

11 x MAG WASP were placed on the edge of the stage as front-fills, providing sound to the Fan Zone 1. And 12 x MAG Sub H28 on each side of the stage ensured low frequencies at the venue. 

Besides that, to provide most uniform sound coverage at the venue, five delay lines were deployed, each of which consisted of 8 x MAG WASP-8.


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