Fly Sub 18 - Powered array subwoofer

Fly Sub 18 - Powered array subwoofer

Fly line array system is created special for small and mid-sized venues, where size and power are top priorities.

Fly line array comes with lots of rigging accessories, so it can be installed in large variety of ways: as a ground stack,  flying stack, or pole mounted system. Additionally, Fly line array is fully integrated with Powersoft®  amplifiers, extending it functionality and convenience.

Fly 6 is a quad six inch line array module with fixed vertical dispersion (15°). Closed enclosure with two 1,75’’ VC HF drivers is complete with integrated flying/stacking system.

Fly Sub is a low end support for the entire system. Packed with two high excursion 15 inch cone drivers and equipped with pole mount adapter for Fly 6.

The entire Fly family is designed to be reliable solution for small and mid-sized venues, concert halls, restaurants, clubs, and small discos.


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