MAG Hornet on City Beach Club opening

MAG Hornet on City Beach Club opening

5th season has started in City Beach Club (Kyiv, Ukraine). To ensure that on the opening concert everything would sound as designed, MAG Hornet was called in. 

City Beach Club is a beach on a roof, a unique place in the city of this kind of resort. Every season opening is a big day for both the beach and its visitors, that is why it was important to provide the best sound quality on the concert.

MAG Hornet line array easily met this challenge. The stage was equipped with 12 modules of MAG Hornet 12, 6 modules per side, and 8 subwoofers of MAG Hornet Sub 18, 4 modules per side. 

Out-fill systems were presented by MAG Wave line array: 3 modules of MAG Wave 10 and 2 subwoofers of MAG Wave Sub 18 per side. 2 full-range active speakers MAG K-32A and 2 subwoofers MAG K-52BA were used as side-fill systems. 14 monitors MAG Focus 15 were working as well – 4 of them were installed on the stage and 10 served as a delay line. The whole sound system was powered by ultimate Powersoft solutions.

The opening concert was spectacular and stunning – as usual, though – featuring Ukrainian music band MOZGI, who continues their big Ukrainian concert tour with MAG Audio systems.

Installation in City Beach Club

One of the principle concepts of City Beach Club is exceptionally high-quality sound. That’s why its main sound system comprises MAG Audio acoustics. The main stage is equipped with 10 modules of MAG Wave 10 and 10 subwoofers of MAG Wave Sub 18.

Delay line consists of 2 passive subwoofers Z S15 and 10 stage monitors Focus 15. The monitors are flown with special mounting adapters, designed to provide versatile mounting and usage options.

A new season in City Beach Club promises to be bright and to sound in a new way – we can vouch for it ;)


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