MAG Audio in the Belorussian Center of Culture in Plyeshchanitsy

MAG Audio in the Belorussian Center of Culture in Plyeshchanitsy

The renovated Center of Culture equipped with the MAG Audio loudspeakers has recently opened in the Belarusian town of Plyeshchanitsy. Over the past ten years, the center has been closed due to the need for reconstruction, but now, it fully meets all modern requirements and is ready to host a wide variety of events - from children's vocal and choreography classes to various concerts and other celebrations.

It was highly important for the executives of the center to provide the town inhabitants with the best cultural experience, on the same level with the bigger cities’ centers. So, to bring the maximum joy to the visitors, a lot of attention was paid to professional equipment: the technicians installed a LED screen, mounted professional light and sound. The last one is delivered with the MAG Audio loudspeakers.


The main portal system consists of Fly series systems, purposely designed for small concert halls where the capabilities of line array are required: 3 x MAG Fly 6 and 2 x MAG Fly Sub 12 on each side of the stage. For additional low-frequency support, 1 x MAG Fly Sub 18 was placed on each side of the stage.

To ensure monitoring onstage, 4 x MAG Focus 12A were installed.

All the audio systems are powered by Powersoft amplifiers.


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