MAG Audio systems in renewed Just C.A.F.E.

MAG Audio systems in renewed Just C.A.F.E.

Just C.A.F.E. is a restaurant in the center of Kyiv, which has recently opened after an overhaul. Besides new exquisite cuisine and interior design, the venue has upgraded its sound systems – now it comprises MAG Audio speakers.

Just C.A.F.E. combines several formats – restaurant and karaoke-hall. So when it comes to the evening, light lounge atmosphere of the restaurant changes into karaoke and even into a concert hall.

The main sound system in Just C.A.F.E. includes 4 modules of MAG Fly 6 line array, which is based on four 6’’ transducers and also 4 active subwoofers MAG Fly Sub 18 based on 18’’ transducers.

To provide uniform sound coverage all over the place, there are 6 x MAG Focus 12 systems installed, as well as 4 х MAG Air 61 speakers. To ensure appropriate low-end support, the hall is equipped with a subwoofer MAG Z S15 and 2 active subwoofers MAG Fly Sub 12. Passive acoustic systems are powered by leading products of the Italian manufacturer Powersoft – amplifiers of Quattrocanali series. Just C.A.F.E. also features VIP-hall, where the sound is provided by plug’n’play set MAG Complete 15.

Just C.A.F.E. also houses different concerts and performances, that’s why both sides of the stage are equipped with 2 MAG Z 120A systems that are supposed to provide enough sound to performers themselves.

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