MAG Audio at Kia Drive Tour 2017

MAG Audio at Kia Drive Tour 2017

This year the program of Kia Drive Tour (Ukraine), besides traditional test-drives and activities for the whole family, has included live concerts of OTorvald– one of the most popular Ukrainian music band. In Odessa, where the tour has started, as well as in Kyiv, MAG Audio systems ensured decent sound.

PA system consisted of MAG Wave 10 line array modules, which are passive acoustic systems based on 2x10’’ woofers, and passive subwoofers MAG Wave 18 based on 18’’ woofer.

Stage monitoring, which is of essence on live concerts, was provided by MAG Focus 15 – versatile systems based on 15’’ coaxial driver.

Front-fill system was represented by MAG Fly 6 line array modules. 

And no surprise, which the weather brought, could prevent OTorvald from performance on the traditionally high level, and MAG Audio systems – from sounding as designed. 

 Technical supply: IdealSecrets


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