MAG Fly 6 installation in youth club “Kvadrat”

MAG Fly 6 installation in youth club “Kvadrat”

A brand new youth development center opened recently in Vinnytsia, Ukraine. It’s a creative space aimed to provide all the conditions needed for cultural, intellectual, social and creative development of the younger generation; it’s a place to discuss ideas, create and bring projects to live.

“Kvadrat” will regularly host all types of events like concerts, festivals, trsignings, workshops and more. And now the venue features modern equipment, including sound system, which will provide a prime sound to any of the events.

The main hall is able to accommodate nearly 200 people. It was equipped with a set based on MAG Fly 6 line array - a powered system with fixed vertical disclosure angle, along with MAG Fly Sub 15 subwoofer, designed to be a dedicated low-end support of this line array. 

A compelling argument in favor of this set is it’s compact size combined with significant headroom, as well as no need in using any external amplifier, for both tops and subwoofers have integrated Powersoft modules, class D.

The stage is equipped with 4 x MAG Z 120A  cabinets - versatile powered systems that can be used in small sets, as well as stage monitors - as it’s been implemented in “Kvadrat”.

«Kvadrat» is one of a few innovative project in Ukraine of this sort. It’s modern, inclusive, inspired by progressive ideas. Based on the best European examples of youth clubs and creative spaces, “Kvadrat” surely deserves to be among them.


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