MAG WASP on JAZZ festival Leopolis

MAG WASP on JAZZ festival Leopolis

The one of the largest jazz festivals in Ukraine, Leopolis Jazz Fest, was held in Lviv, 26th- 30th of June.

Naturally, it was significant event for the city. Jazz is separate philosophy which combines not only music itself, it brings together such things as movie, fashion and contemporary art. 

Leopolis bring together famous jazzmen from many countries: Israel, Germany, Italy, France and of course from Ukraine.

Bobby Mcferrin, 10 times Grammy owner, in artistic tandem with choir performed on the main stage of the Leopolis. As always festival has been visited by famous singers and bands Jamala, ManSound, United people, Laura, Christina Marty etc.,

Sound system for two stages was represented by line array MAG WASP which fits perfectly in terms of large concert sites. Sergey Dotsenko, chief of sound department of Astarex, explained his choice:

“WASP absolutely conquered us by compact size in conjunction with its output, it is very important if we are talking about platform with no possibility to hang up massive system. Leopolis is the one. So, we choose WASP for two stages. 

For “Pototskih” stage where live sound has been used, we installed 5 top MAG Wasp + 3 MAG Sub 200 by each side. As for “Branch”, where performers and guests had breakfast, following solution have been chosen:

4 top MAG Wasp + 3 MAG Sub 200 by each side.

For stream we decided to take 4 top WASP + MAG Sub 200.

We extremely delighted by pureness and quality of the sound”.

MAG WASP as generic equipment is catching on rapidly, and you can be sure that it’s just the beginning)


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