The main business event of the year LOB 2019

The main business event of the year LOB 2019

There is a sound solution for conferences, training, workshops, and other business events.

The main task of the sound system is to accentuate the voice of the speaker, to transmit his speech, without distortion, even to listeners in the farthest rows: more than 4,000 participants, famous speakers, a full sold-out a couple of weeks before the event. Our partners Ideal Secrets wanted to make this event truly “stellar.”

The perfect sound on stage 360 was provided by:

  • A distributed sound amplification system based on several suspensions of MAG Wave 10  and  MAG Fly 6 line arrays. Balanced sound is the key to complete immersion in the speaker’s speech.
  • The main system consists of four clusters of the MAG Wave 10 linear array, eight modules in each. 12 MAG Wave Sub 18 systems provided the low-frequency range.
  • For the sounding of the side zones, the linear array MAG Fly 6 with three modules in the suspension was used.
  • Four MAG Focus 15 coaxial systems were collected on the basis of 15-inch coaxial speakers, for monitoring sound on the stage.
  • There were also used solutions from Powersoft for the sound intensification. 

As a result - the perfect sound throughout the event.


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