MAG Wasp for a symphony concert at the old tram depot

MAG Wasp for a symphony concert at the old tram depot

Franz Xaver Mozart, the son of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, lived in Lviv, Ukraine, for 30 years. Here he created the most of his masterpieces, conducted the choir of Saint Cecilia consisting of 400 amateur singers, gave concerts all over the country, performing his own music, as well as works composed by his genius father.

In 2017, in honor of Franz Xaver and all Mozart dynasty, Oksana Lyniv (the chief conductor of the Graz Opera in Germany, born in Lviv) launched a new international festival of classical music – LvivMozArt. The art project is aimed to unite musicians from all over the world and to spread the Mozart’s history and works of art.

On July 13-23 LvivMozArt was held for the second time: during 10 days, musicians from different countries were reconstructing the era of Mozart, skillfully interweaving it with elements of the contemporary art. Thus, for example, a symphony performance “Mozarts”, dedicated to the famous family, took place in a very extraordinary venue – old tram depot. The stage, deployed in the venue, was equipped with MAG Wasp.

The tram depot building is over 120 years old, and it hasn’t been used for its designated purpose for a long time. Within LvivMozArt festival the depot became one of the concert halls: according to organizers, such uncommon place can draw young audience’s attention to the event.

To hold a symphony concert in such an unusual place the choice fell on MAG Wasp line array. The main PA system comprised 2 clusters, each consisting of 4 x MAG Wasp modules, passive systems based on double 8’’ drivers, and 2 x MAG Sub H12 subwoofers, based on 12’’ driver.

Sound system also included outfills, comprising 4 modules of MAG Wasp per side.

Among participants of "Mozarts" performance in tram depot - musicians of international scale:  trumpeter Franz Xaver Tradler (Germany), clarinetist Andrey Chernov (Russia-Switherland), pianists Andrey Dragan (Ukraine–Switzerland) and Kristina Mikhailichenko (Ukraine), accompanied by Ukrainian Festival Orchestra, conductor — Vitaliy Alekseionok (Belarus-Germany).

The festival, besides being a newcomer, is becoming the event of the international scale – perhaps thanks to the uncommon approach to classical music, which still sounds as designed even in such an extraordinary venue.

Technical support: Artmax Engineering.


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