Renovated M17 Contemporary Art Center with MAG Audio systems

Renovated M17 Contemporary Art Center with MAG Audio systems

M17 is a contemporary art center in Kyiv, Ukraine, with around 200 000 people visiting it annually. The center was opened in 2010, and since that time it has hosted plenty of different cultural and entertainment projects – exhibitions, lectures, workshops, film screeing and festivals.

This autumn M17 was closed for renovation, which aimed to transform M17 into a cultural and historical platform that will popularize, first of all, Ukrainian art, support experimental projects and serve an educational function.

On December 14, M17 opened after the renovation, and now one of its halls is equipped with MAG Audio systems.

One of the new spacious halls of M17 has now on board 6 cabinets of NX 10i — a special installation-dedicated NX series systems.

It’s a compact, but powerful enough system, whose coverage angles (80x70) made it possible to provide uniform and well-balanced sound in the hall.

The choice fell on NX 10i due to the various events that are to be held here: from AV shows to lectures and presentations. So the systems’ efficiency, as well as the high quality of sound — especially the speech transmission quality — were among the decisive factors.

With the help of dedicated mounting accessories, NX 10i installation speakers have been easily positioned so that all the area is uniformly covered.

Without doubt, one of the key requirements of such venue is the aesthetics. To perfectly fit in, sound systems, as well as the accessories, were made in white.

The sound system is powered by 1 x Powersoft 4804 DSP+D –1U 2-channel amplifier, which provides great power headroom.

The launch of renovated M17 was celebrated with the opening of the new cultural project: “Avant-garde: in search of forth dimension”, which combined works of Ukrainian and foreign avant-gardists. In the museum part of the center there are works of Ukrainian representatives of this revolutionary art – A. Bohomazov, A. Petritskiy, V. Ermilov, A. Ekster and others.

In the hall, equipped with MAG Audio systems, visitors can enjoy an AV show, dedicated to works of E. Munch, R. Magritte, K. Malevich, V. Kandinskiy, E. Schiele and other world-known artists.

The exhibition will run until April, and its program includes lectures, forums, meetings and much more, which will help to  fully cover the topic of the Ukrainian avant-garde.


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