The first installation of MAG Hornet in Ukraine

The first installation of MAG Hornet in Ukraine

Meet the very first installation of Hornet line array in Ukraine!

“Malevich” club was opened on May 19th in Lviv (Ukraine). It is one of the biggest clubs in Eastern Europe: it accommodates the audience up to 1400 people and covers a total area of 3100 square meters. 

“Malevich” appeared in the place of the venue already known by the citizens. Repair work lasted here from autumn 2016 – in order to create a modern and — most importantly — universal place, which will be perfect not only for club parties, but also for music concerts, festivals, conferences and even sports events. So in order to fit such requirements was needed a modern, flexible in tuning and usability sound system. 

Configuration: main sound system

The main hall of the club consists of a big dance floor in the middle, side areas and two-level balconies with seats. In such building it is no mean feat to achieve an easily controlled sound.

Club’s primary FOH system is based on MAG Hornet line array. Two clusters of six Hornet 12 modules are flown at the sides of the stage providing smooth coverage, with each module employing two 12” woofers, delivering outstanding low-frequency response. Hornet 12 line array is driven by two Powersoft X8 amplifiers, with two zones created for ease of control and tuning. It has provided the balance between array’s near-field and far-field zones, with possibility of finetuning the entire venue depending on need of each performance.

To ensure high-quality low-frequency support, six pieces of Hornet Sub 18 were called in. Each subwoofer has dual 18” hybrid horn design, providing considerable sensitivity and power headroom. Each subwoofer is driven by separate Powersoft X8 channel, for this allows creating different subwoofer directivity systems — cardioid, low frequency array, and others.

Powersoft X8 amplifier is a unique eight-channel platform, which provides up to 5000W per channel, taking up mere 2U rack space. Built-in DSP include all necessary processing – filtering, equalization, delays, limiters with remote controls via Wi-Fi with Armonia Pro Audio Suite software.

Configuration: delay lines and front-fills

Reinforcing the primary FOH Hornet clusters, two MAG N 12 passive speakers are covering the area in front of the stage. Four additional N 12 speakers are installed for the separate area of upper balconies, driven by Powersoft Quattrocanali amplifier. Latest addition to the installation amplifiers line, Quattrocanali is designed for less power-sensitive applications with primary accent on reliability and sound control. Ease of setup and monitoring of Quattrocanali are provided by Armonia Pro Audio Suite – effectual Powersoft amplifier’s dedicated control platform. Housing channel matrix, filtering, equalization, speaker protection and remote operation, Armonia provides hundreds of presets from numerous manufacturers, which dramatically reduces system setup times. Installation in “Malevich” specifically takes advantage of Armonia’s groups, which combines different channels and amplifiers for easy control of entire venue’s performance.

To be continued

Today “Malevich” club is a proud owner on the most flexible sound system with its total power of 56kW. Updated sound, updated building – “Malevich” is opened and ready to meet the guests. 

The schedule of forthcoming events in the club is already tight - it includes concerts of ONUKA, Nino Katamadze & Insight, Liapis'98 and many others famous musicians. High-quality sound is guaranteed — Hornet line array is in!


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