New club season with MAG Audio in MANTRA BEACH CLUB

New club season with MAG Audio in MANTRA BEACH CLUB

One more club season featuring MAG Audio systems has recently started in MANTRA BEACH CLUB (Odessa, Ukraine). 

Now the club can boast not only of its amazing sea view, but also of an outstanding sound system — MAG Wave line array. The main sound system consists of 8 х MAG Wave 10 — passive line array modules, based on two 10’’ transducers, and 8 х MAG Wave Sub 18 — passive line array subwoofers based on 18’’ transducer. 

At the opening party, the beats were set by the world-renowned Djs, such as Noir, Monkey Brothers, BPM ORCHESTRA, KINREE и Andrey Shushukin. Tonight, one of the most in-demand DJs from the US — Dj Serge Devant, the eminent veteran of the world electronic scene, will perform in the club and check out the high quality of MAG Audio systems.

Next weekend, the baton will pass to Mantra Birth.Day & Night Weekend, where CEPASA, DAVI, NOEMA and PROSHE will perform. And more is to come! Stay tuned!


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