MAG Wave 10 installation in Minsk Palace of Culture

MAG Wave 10 installation in Minsk Palace of Culture

The building of Palace of Culture in Minsk, Belarus is over 50 years old, and recently it went through a renovation. A lot of things needed to be restored – from building’s facade to choreographic and concert halls. Among key demands – to refresh the sound system, which would meet all the modern standards and handle events of various formats, which will be held here. Thus, to manage these tasks MAG Audio systems were chosen.

In the renewed Palace of Culture there are two concert halls - for 660 and 180 spectators respectively. For both of them there were created configurations according to halls’ size and acoustic properties. The main PA comprises 14 x MAG Wave 10, deployed in two clusters, and 6 x MAG Wave Sub 18 on each side. The configuration includes front-fills - 4 х MAG Z 100A active speakers, as well as side-fills - 2 x MAG MD 405 и 2 x MAG MD 902B. Coaxial cabinets of Focus series were deployed as stage monitors: 6 x MAG Focus 12 and 6 x MAG Focus 15. Sound system is powered by Powersoft products.


The small concert hall is equipped with an active set of MAG Fly 6: R/L hangs comprise 3 elements of MAG Fly 6 along with 3 x MAG Fly Sub 15 on each side. Performers’ comfort at the stage is ensured by 4 active monitors MAG Focus 15A.

Now the refurbished Palace of Culture is among the most modern venues in Minsk, where different events of state scale take place.


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