MAG Wave 10 at all-stars basketball game

MAG Wave 10 at all-stars basketball game

The all-stars basketball game was held in Mykolayiv (Ukraine) — the meet of the best players of Ukrainian basketball league. It’s a friendly match, therefore not only is it a competition, but a show aimed to inspire the viewers and, thus, popularize sport among the masses. So the sound, forming part of the general atmosphere, is important here not only for the players, as a driving force, but for the viewers as well.

Traditional venue for this type of events in Mykolayiv is a sport complex “Nadiya”, where sport competitions — from the local to international ones — are being usually held. Considering acoustic features of the sport hall, and also bearing in mind that the event requires musical accompaniment and speech transmission, the main sound system was decided to be MAG Wave 10.

It’s a medium-format line array based on 2 x 10’’ LF transducers with 134 dB sound pressure and 110° horizontal disclosure angles. Low-end coverage was provided by MAG Wave Sub 18 — systems based on 18’’ transducer with 134 dB sound pressure. 

The whole sound system — 12 x MAG Wave 10 line array modules and 4 MAG Wave Sub 18 subwoofers — was assembled into 4 clusters and rigged so that the systems provided smooth coverage all over the hall and created the right sound emotional background during the match.


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