ONUKA performs with MAG Audio systems

ONUKA performs with MAG Audio systems

On September 3rd, ONUKA, a Ukrainian band, performed on the stage of City Beach Club during “The Beat of Taglit“. ONUKA is a relatively new project, whose members raised Ukrainian electronic music to a new level, uniting it with Ukrainian folk melodies and tunes. ONUKA’s appearance in 2014 became a real breakthrough and since then their songs don’t leave the leading positions of music charts, including international ones.

Taking into account the peculiarities of the venue (City Beach Club is an open area situated on the roof), the most optimal sound solution appeared to be passive line array MAG Hornet. Each side of the PA contained 6 x MAG Hornet 12 modules plus 4 x MAG Hornet Sub 18 subwoofers. Such configuration, which included twelve 12-inch line array modules and eight 18-inch subwoofers, provided full coverage of the area.

Placed on-stage 2 passive monitors MAG Focus 15, each based on 15’’ coaxial driver, highlighted vocals and instruments to performers. To provide necessary coverage of side areas, 3 modules of MAG Wave 10 were used, stacked and placed on either side of the stage.

2 x MAG MD 405 systems, each of 500 W nominal power, were selected as front-fill systems. To power the whole sound system, 8-channel amplifiers Powersoft X8 — 4 pcs of them — were brought in.


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