MAG Audio in the Palace of Culture in Oleksandriya city

MAG Audio in the Palace of Culture in Oleksandriya city

The municipal Palace of Culture in Oleksandriya city (Ukraine) is often called a ‘theater’ by force of habit. Indeed, in the late XIX - early XX centuries there was a theater at this place, where ukrainian stage stars of that time were playing: Maria Zankovetskaya, Mark Kropyvnytsky, Oleksandra Yablochkina, and People's Artist of USSR Gnat Yura.

Today, this building is declared an object of cultural heritage. Over the past few years, extensive restoration work has been carried out in the building, during which a new modern sound system was installed. Thus, from now on, the sound during different performances in the Palace of Culture, both plays and shows, is provided by MAG Audio loudspeakers.


Two line arrays of Cluster series were mounted on each side of the stage, each consisting of 3 x MAG Cluster Q8 and 1 x MAG Cluster Q. To ensure low frequencies, per 1 x MAG Sub 28 was installed on each side of the stage.

AIR series speaker systems were also used: 4 x MAG AIR-62 as front-fills and another 9 x MAG Air-62 were mounted as delay lines. Stage monitoring is provided by 4 x MAG Z 320A.

To amplify the acoustics, Powersoft amplifiers are used: 3 x Quattrocanali and 2 x Powersoft Duecanali.


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