MAG MUST at the Great Concert of Pianoboy Band in the Palace of Sports

MAG MUST at the Great Concert of Pianoboy Band in the Palace of Sports

A great concert of Pianoboy band,accomplished by the orchestra, took place on the 8th of March in the Palace of Sport in Kyiv (Ukraine). The band’s frontman Dmytro Shurov is a three times winner of Yuna music awards (one of the main music awards in Ukraine), and the former judge of Ukraine’s X Factor show. The concert was dedicated both to the Women's International Day and the release of the band’s fourth studio album “ХІСТОРІ”, which means “history” in Ukrainian.

It is remarkable that the name of the album “ХІСТОРI” contains a Roman numeral XI which symbolizes the tenth anniversary of the artist’s musician career. Dmytro Shurov himself has called the release of the new album “a quintessence of feelings and emotions with sensual confessions.”

In addition to the new album’s songs, Dmitry Shurov performed old hits «Кохання» (Love), «Родимки» (Birthmarks), «Шампанські очі» (Champagne Eyes), «Родина» (Motherland), «Все, що тебе не вбиває» (Everything What Doesn’t Kill You) and other popular songs.


MAG MUST technology, based on the MAG WASP-8 line array, was chosen to provide sound at the great concert.This audio solution allows to create extremely uniform sound coverage in large concert venues.

Oleg Yashnik, sound engineer of Pianoboy, states:

At this concert, I have worked with MAG MUST technology for the first time. I had heard positive feedback about it, I also know that it has been previously used for big gigs at the Palace of Sports. Scalability is a great solution indeed when dealing with such difficult venues. In spite of being often used as a concert venue, the Palace of Sports remains first and foremost a sports arena with very difficult acoustics. But with the help of MAG MUST it has become possible to cover all the sectors with the sound evenly. The volume also was very satisfying, I’d like to work with MAG MUST again.

The main portal system at the concert consisted of 48 x MAG WASP-8 (24 on each side of the stage) as well as 24  x MAG WASP-S12 (12 on each side). Sound at the grandstands was provided with 16 x MAG WASP-8 (8 on each side of the stage). 10 x MAG Focus 5 were used for on-stage monitoring.

11 x MAG WASP-8 was also used as front-fills and  24 x MAG Sub H28 were providing low frequencies.

In addition, to ensure even sound throughout the whole concert venue, five delay lines were mounted - 8 x MAG WASP-8 each.


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