MAG Hornet on SANDALI opening

MAG Hornet on SANDALI opening

The list of summer resorts now comprises a new location — SANDALI beach resort, situated on the picturesque bank of Dnipro river (Kyiv, Ukraine). 

The stage of the opening concert of SANDALI was equipped with MAG Audio acoustic systems. Main sound system — 12 modules of MAG Hornet 12 line array and 8 subwoofers of MAG Hornet Sub 18. 4x MAG Focus 15 monitors were also installed on the stage, providing the comfort to the bands and musicians that were performing on the concert — AGON band, Rumberos, Mariya Yaremchuk, Andrii Kishe and OSADCHUK.  

Modules and subwoofers of MAG Hornet line array are passive acoustic systems, therefore to provide needed amplification 6x Powersoft X4 were used. The passive stage monitors Focus 15 were amplified by 1x Powersoft M50Q.

Delay line was represented by 2 active acoustic systems MAG N 15A and 2 subwoofers MAG N S18A

This summer the concert program in SANDALI is expected to be exciting, full of concerts and different events, so stay tuned ;)


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