MAG Wasp review in a French magazine SoundLightUp

MAG Wasp review in a French magazine SoundLightUp

A French magazine SoundLightUp posted a review of the new line array MAG Wasp at Proligh+Sound exhibition in Frankfurt.

The original article is available at the SoundLightUp website, the English version is available below.

Wasp. The Wasp from Mag Audio piqued our curiosity

There are not many newcomers to the world of sound, which is one more reason to greet the Ukrainian company MAG Audio who have presented MAG Wasp, a very interesting product.

We discovered and listened to it with pleasure for the first time in Frankfurt.

Working for 20 years in electroacoustics, MAG Audio specializes in manufacturing of transducers, while basic components, such as magnets, cones and other parts, membranes and coils are being imported. MAG, probably the shortcuts of magnets, became MAG Audio by producing sound systems that did not impress us until this year when, we admit, in the tight schedule of PL+S audio demos, company has presented us with Wasp (“Oca” in Russian) in a successful, full of energy demo. An amazing beast!

Without losing sight of the fact that some tracks played at 95 dBA are not representative of what the different systems will sound once sold, we must recognize that the Wasp is working powerfully, having lost the hard and drying beginnings of MAG.

Dynamic, dry, nervous, but also faithful and very well configured, it won the clap-o-meter against other brands presented in the “Messe Loud Zone”. The voices are reproduced with a touch of color, pleasant presence, rocking, highlighting the songs. The coverage is good for a two-way passive, the polarity is uniform and the phase response is good.

The Wasp is on the stage, the 1st and the 6th system starting from the left. Yes, very small. The 8 subs, on the other hand, are very big. We can guess 4 with the grille decorated to the left of the person in costume, and the other 4 almost all right, in a not very symmetrical but very effective installation.

When you are told that there are a lot of people at the demos, it's not just an empty word. Let's just hope that next year the manufacturers will save us the last track for techno and always at the limit...

We also recognize the superlative deployment of subs and bass reinforcement cabinets: small and very well aligned two times three 12” flown boxes and two time four double 18” on the ground. The entire bottom is in hybrid configuration, probably a kind of band pass if we judge by the open model shown on their stand.

6 Wasp and two Sub H12 bass reinforcements at MAG’s booth, where we came to discover inside components.

The choice of songs and a dynamic of at least 10 to 12 dB on the maximum allowed 95 dBA, shows the accuracy and intelligence of the demo. Bravo!

So we went to meet the Mag Audio teams at their booth where we were able to gather information about the system and meet Ivan Kuzmenko, Audio System Engineer and Jérôme Michel, the Business Development Manager of MAG Cinema, who is speaking better in French than we in Russian, which is saying a lot.

The Wasp is a two-way passive cabinet equipped with a dual 8" driver with 2.5" voice coils and 1,5’’ HF driver with 2.8” voice coil. Very small, the system is also lightweight with it 22 kg and finds easily his place within the competition with an SPL Max calculated of 141 dB (AES 2-2012).

It has a dedicated Sub H12 bass reinforcement that can be placed at the top of the flown stack, imbedding a 12'' woofer with 4'' coil in a hybrid load ensuring a significant gain since the calculated SPL Max reaches 140 dB.

The bottom of the system is completed by the big sub of the brand, the Sub H28 equipped with two 18'' woofers in a hybrid assembly bringing a very big gain. The sensitivity of 106 dB/W reflects this. 4 ohms, 2900 W of allowable power and a calculated SPL Max of 149,5 dB.

One of the subs of the brand intersected. Not ideal for cooling, but for gain, yes!

Mag Audio H28

MAG Audio assembles its own transducers and drivers, has a carpentry to realize its cabinets and, of course, is making the completely designs of its speakers under two entities: MAG Audio for professional sound reinforcement and MAG Cinema for the cinema halls where it has a big market in Eastern countries and Asia with more than 2000 rooms equipped exclusively with its speakers.

Relying on Powersoft for the amplification and processing of large systems including Wasp and touring in general, MAG also designs modules for some of its products and rack amplifiers for cinema systems, probably also in collaboration with Powersoft.


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