MAG Audio in the Svyatoshyn concert-hall

MAG Audio in the Svyatoshyn concert-hall

Svyatoshyn is a renovated concert hall of the House of Culture in the city of Kyiv (Ukraine). The concerts of classical and modern music, theatrical performances are regularly organized.

The city administration began the reconstruction and improvement of the already existing concert hall of the Svyatoshyn House of Culture under the upgrading program. Hall has been closed down for a major overhaul since February 2017.  As a result of the reconstruction, there were created comfortable conditions for the audience. MAG Audio was chosen as a sound system for this concert-hall.  

There was a difficult but exciting task to create a universal sound for events of different formats. To research these issues, study of acoustic features was carried out. We created best option for sound covering. Even at the long distance, each person can hear every detail, without distortion. 

We have chosen line array MAG Wasp for this place (6 clusters for each side, to be exact). A compact but powerful system provides fair sound coverage of the hall. The results of computer simulations of the line array showed that in the current conditions, MAG Wasp guaranteed equal distribution of sound waves. 

Subwoofers are indispensable elements for installing acoustic-system in a concert hall. They're working in a low-frequency range. We added three passive subwoofers MAG Sub 18 for this purpose. 

Cardioid-connected subwoofers regulate the low-frequency sound for the performer and the audience. Subwoofers are making the sound of acoustic-system truly complete. We could compactly place them, thanks to small dimensions. 

We also used two front fill speakers, MAG Air-81. It is working harmoniously with the other elements of acoustic-system. They've been great at harmonization of sounds in the near sound field.  That's important for the audience in the first rows. 

Based on the requirements of the sound engineer, we installed four low-profile stage monitors MAG Focus 15.

Stage coaxial monitors of the Focus series guarantee the most precise and balanced sound for the comfortable work of an artist during the performance.

Now there's always perfect sound in Svyatoshyn concert-hall, thanks to MAG Audio.


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