Wave live array in art-town at Troyitska square

Wave live array in art-town at Troyitska square

In the center of Kyiv, on Troyitska square, there is a small art-town. It is here where from April 30th to May 14th a diverse concert program takes place, including music concerts, workshops and activities for all ages. Besides, it is that very place where the stage is equipped with MAG Audio acoustic systems ;-) 

The mains sound systems comprises Wave line array – 8 tops and 8 subwoofers each side. Fly line array (2 x Fly 6 and 2 x Fly Sub 15) is being used as a side-fill system.

More than 25 Ukrainian musicians have performed here recently, including Tartak band, Klei Ugriumogo, Misha Klimenko, Pavlo Tabakov, Antonina Project, Navkolo Kola, Paulman, Vilna Kasa, Navsi100, ARLETT, Fiolet, Denis Lyubimov, Virsky National Folk Dance Ensemble, VRODA band, Paul Manandis and many many others.

The program includes concerts on May 12th and 14th – worth coming! 

Technical supply: IDEAL SECRETS


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