MAG Audio at street food festival “Ulichnaya eda”

MAG Audio at street food festival “Ulichnaya eda”

In Kyiv (Ukraine) a new summer season of street food festival “Ulichnaya eda” (which is literally translated as “street food”) has started. It’s a project, which was founded several years ago, and dedicated to popularization of high-quality street food and cultivating a culture of consumption. But this festival is not only all about the food. It is also about creativity, cultures and of course, music. 3-day program included performances of various musicians and Dj sets, and this time MAG Audio ensured music to sound as designed. 

The main stage of the festival — the so-called Green stage — was equipped with MAG Wave line array: 6 modules of MAG Wave 10 and 6 subwoofers of MAG Wave Sub 18. The stage itself was fitted with 8 x MAG Focus 15 monitors and 4 x MAG Focus 12 monitors. The PA system, as well as stage monitors, are passive acoustic systems, therefore the amplification of the whole system was provided by leading technologies by Powersoft — 2 х X4 amplifiers and 2 x M50Q amplifiers. 

More than 10 musicians performed on the main stage, including Lyubochka, adm:t, MARUV, The same Toy, Ofer Jazz Band, Dream School, Ksyusha Cosmos, Retro 21, Dj Lutique, Rebel Rocks cover band, JOIRA, Light Sound. 

Street food festival traditionally takes place at “Platforma”, a unique creative space in Kyiv, which is devoted to all creative events possible, such a concerts, work, edutainment, trade shows, so it was important to provide sound not only on the stage, but on the territory as well. To meet this requirement, were used: 6 х MAG Focus 15A stage monitors, 6 x MAG К 32А and plug’n’play series Vera IV

Despite the areas for entertainment and resort, the festival also featured its own compact cinema, which was equipped with active systems MAG Focus 15A и MAG Focus Sub A

Even despite the changing weather, the festival succeeded, so visitors enjoyed culinary delights and amazing atmosphere, which MAG Audio sound definitely contributed to. 


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