MAG Wave 10 installation in VODA Club

MAG Wave 10 installation in VODA Club

VODA Club is a resort complex, situated in scenic Carpathians (Western Ukraine) right by the lake. It’s a perfect place not only to let your body and soul relax, but also to rock at night parties and concerts. And when it comes to any music event — MAG Audio is in business.

Sound system configuration of the main stage in VODA Club includes 12 modules on MAG Wave 10 line array and 12 x MAG Wave Sub 18 subwoofers. Total nominal power of this set reaches more than 25kW. In order to fit the design of the complex and particularly of the stage, sound systems has been customized — painted white (yes, we are flexible to any special demands ;))

Famous musicians and Djs are more than regular guests at the stage of VODA Club, therefore the sound system also includes stage monitors MAG Focus 15.

Amplification of passive acoustic systems is being provided by the world-renowned products of Italian manufacturer Powersoft.


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