MAG Audio tours with Vremia i steklo

MAG Audio tours with Vremia i steklo

They have 1 700 000 subscribers on their YouTube channel; their videos constantly reach more than 100 million views; their songs get to the highest places at Google Play and iTunes charts. It’s all about Vremia I Steklo band (Russian for “Time and Glass”, which in original language makes a pun with "time has expired"), which became a leading pop band of Ukraine and the near-abroad. And now they are on a concert tour featuring MAG Audio systems.

The concerts already took place in Kamianske, Sumy, Odesa and Brovary. The sound system configuration varies depending on the venue’s size and acoustic peculiarities. Thus, in Sumy (Ukraine) the sound system consisted of four clusters, each including 4 x MAG Wave 10 line arrays and 2 x MAG Wave Sub 18 subwoofers. Along the stage there were installed 8 x MAG Hornet Sub 18 to provide required low-frequency support.

The monitor line and front-fill system were represented by MAG Focus 15, while active speakers 2 x MAG Focus 15A и 2 x MAG Focus Sub A were used as side-fill systems from both sides of the stage.

The passive systems were powered by Powersoft products.

“Vremia i Steklo” still has several concerts coming, so save the date:

19/03 — Kherson

20/03 — Mykolaiv

25/04 — Kharkiv

28/04 — Pokrovsk

11/06 — Berdiask

12/06 — Mariupil

20/06 — Chernivtsi

Technical support of the concert tour is provided by the rental company Dnepr Show.

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