MAG Wasp for presidential speech

MAG Wasp for presidential speech

On April 27th, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko gave a speech on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine. The event took place at Sofiyivska square in the center of Ukraine’s capital — Kyiv, Ukraine, and the sound reinforcement has been fully provided by MAG Audio systems, namely by the new line array MAG Wasp

MAG Wasp is a recent product by MAG Audio, for the first time presented at Prolight+Sound exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany. It’s a compact medium-format line array, based on double 8’’ LF drivers and 1,5’’ HF driver. Each module is 600 W, while delivering up to 141 dB of sound pressure.

The main sound system performing at the event was represented by 24 passive modules of MAG Wasp, assembled into 4 clusters each comprising 6 modules accordingly. The whole systems was powered by Powersoft products. 

System’s configuration comprised 8 passive subwoofers MAG Sub H12, based on 12’’ LF drivers. The subwoofers were flown with the help of special integrated mounting hardware, 2 systems for each of the four clusters. 

So was the first work of MAG Wasp line array – in the very heart of the capital, featuring State officials :) 

Supported by Andrew Kozelkov and Ukrainian National Show Exchange.


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