Zlata Ognevich Is Currently On Tour Featuring MAG Audio

Zlata Ognevich Is Currently On Tour Featuring MAG Audio

In 2013, this talented woman performed at the Eurovision Song Contest with her song ‘Gravity’ and ultimately finished in third place, and today her beautiful voice is coming out of the MAG Audio acoustic systems in Ukraine wide tour. This is Zlata Ognevich, and she’s currently on tour with our sound! 

Zlata Ognevich has many accomplishments, victories and awards to her credit, which make her one of the most popular and successful singers in Ukraine. Last year her song ‘Tantsuvaty’ (Dance) got the most airplay on the radio according to TopHit internet service. 

This year her achievements were recognized at the National music awards ‘Zolota Zharptytsia’ (Golden Firebird), where she won in two nominations - Dance Hit and Best Female Artist. 

Last spring she was touring across USA and Canada, and now it’s time for Ukrainian fans.  The ‘Chekay’ tour will include 35 cities, and it’s going to be the biggest tour in her career! 

Fans will be able to enjoy live performances of Zlata’s most popular songs that got the highest positions in music charts over and over again — ‘Tantsuvaty’ (Dance), ‘Doloni’ (Palms), ‘Zapaly Vohon’ (Start the Fire), ‘Solodka Kara’ (Sweet Punishment).

For now the singer has announced only the first part of the tour concerts, three of which have already been held. Wait for Zlata Ognevich featuring MAG Audio sound in your city! 

  • Kremenchuh / October 30
  • Kryvyi Rih / October 31
  • Lutsk / November 1
  • Rivne / November 2
  • Zhytomyr / November 17
  • Uzhhorod 18 / November
  • Chernivtsi 19 / November
  • Lviv 30 / December

The audio equipment set for the tour consists of:

Technical support during the tour is provided by IdealSecrets.


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