Happy New Year to MAG Team!

Happy New Year to MAG Team!

We'd like to dedicate this New Year's post to the incredible team at MAG Audio. To our hardworking, persistent, creative and brave people.

A fantastic feature of MAG is and always has been its team. Thanks to this incredible group of indomitable and dedicated people, we have never had to use force majeure during the entire invasion and have therefore always been able to ensure that all products are shipped on time.

Moreover, even in the extremely difficult circumstances in which our country finds itself, we strongly believe in a peaceful future and continue new developments. Thanks to the talent of the team, dozens of new great products and models have been born this year. Make sure to stay tuned as we will keep you updated soon about these introductions. Both through our social media + marketing channels and at trade shows & industry events around the world.

Thanks to our super team, nothing is frightening and impossible! Not only have we become much stronger, more advanced, faster in making decisions, but also definitely tougher.

We firmly believe that we will celebrate victory and dance to the music that will be heard from the best MAG Audio sound systems; we will be watching blockbusters in cinemas equipped with MAG Cinema speakers and we will be incredibly proud that all of this is created and produced by us - Made in Ukraine.

When we shout: "Glory to Ukraine!" - it is about each of you, about everyone who strives towards our common dream. Because we are Ukraine. Together to victory!

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!


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