Respublika Park's Anniversary: WASP for Star-Studded Event

Respublika Park's Anniversary: WASP for Star-Studded Event

Respublika Park, Ukraine's largest shopping center and among the biggest malls in Europe, dazzles with its impressive scale and diversity. Spanning 300,000 square meters, the center boasts over 500 stores from renowned international as well as Ukrainian brands, a state-of-the-art Multiplex cinema (with MAG Cinema speaker systems), a plethora of restaurants, an amusement park, a wind tunnel, green recreational areas, and event spaces.

On November 12th, celebrating its second anniversary, Respublika Park welcomed over 120,000 visitors, a testament to its immense popularity. The highlight of the day was a grand concert featuring Ukrainian stars, who gathered to celebrate the center's birthday. 

The lineup included Ukrainian super pop stars: Tina Karol, Chico&Qatoshi, Positiff, M'YATA, Diana Gloster, band Sestra, Foresight Dance Theatre, and СHEEV, accompanied by a special broadcast from the M1 music channel hosted by Andriy Chornovol and Lera Tovstoles.

This star-studded performance required meticulous technical preparation, expertly handled by PROFI - equipment for events specialists. Notably, more and more artists are choosing to work with MAG Audio's acoustic systems, a Ukrainian manufacturer. Today, MAG Audio not only symbolizes patriotism for Ukrainians but also guarantees quality sound for both concertgoers and performers. This event featured MAG's Wasp system, comprising flying 8x WASP-8 + 3x WASP-S18 and 4x Sub H28 on the floor per side, along with several zone systems, including setups 4x WASP-8 + 3x WASP-S18 on the second floor and Focus 5 as stage monitors and outfills.

Ukrainian FOH sound engineer Volodymyr Hryhorovych, who works with local superstar singer Tina Karol, commented on the WASP system:

"Despite the challenging acoustics of the shopping center, with its many reflective surfaces, glass, marble, domes, etc., the MAG Wasp system delivered an exceptionally solid performance. It truly exceeded my expectations in these tough conditions."

MAG Audio's premier offerings have consistently showcased their exceptional professional caliber and impeccable performance, even in the most demanding acoustic settings.


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